We help our customers excel in a rapidly changing world.

Always faster.

New products. New features. Ever faster. If you don’t get to the market now, your competitor will beat you to it.

New Technologies, better software and Apps, Big Data, Gadgets. If you don’t adopt technological changes now, you will soon be unable to keep up with the current pace of change.

The way we work. Globally, from anywhere, at any moment and any time. Smart, young graduates demand a new way of working. More Flexible, on basis of equality and using the full potential of young entrepreneurship. If you do not become a new-style employer, your competitor will attract these bright minds that will shape tomorrow’s world.


We help you to implement sustainable change

We help you to become equipped for the demands of this time. We help you to serve your customers in the best possible way. And we help you to change. You, your employees, your teams and your organization. And before we leave, we make sure the change will last.


We use the best of the Agile mindset, methods and practices to help you shape a new environment that will fit your company’s needs. We mix and match from the best of Lean, Kanban, Scrum and SAFe. We look at all levels of your organization. We discover bottlenecks, bureaucracy and ineffectiveness. We help to remove waste. Thus we help you to optimize your processes, from customer demand to market delivery.

Create value

Together, we look for the best ways to serve your customers and deliver the highest value. To foster close cooperation. Engage your stakeholders. Discover what the market asks for, and deliver that in a fast and cost –effective way.

Change the culture

We help you to create an environment of learning and growth, of flexibility, unlimited possibilities, energy and fun. An environment where everyone can flourish. We uncover hidden potential in your employees and in your company.

Make it stick

Changing is not easy. It takes time, energy and attention. Cultures are resistant. And tend to bounce back the moment the attention weakens. As experienced change agents, we will help you to implement sustainable change. We will train and coach your own employees, so that they can take over when we leave. And continue on the chosen track.

With over 20 expert coaches, we have realized more than 50 Agile implementations and trained over 1,500+ people per year. We have successfully helped a wide range of large and mid-size companies, such as bol.com, Rabobank, KPN, Triodos Bank, ASR Verzekeringen, Nationale Nederlanden, TomTom, ING, Ziggo, Philips, Aegon, Essent, Binck Bank, Thales, ANWB, Kadaster, Portbase, Centraal Boekhuis, and I-Bridge/Randstad.

Call us to learn more on how we can help you excel too.



Jeff Sutherland
Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
Jeff Sutherland
Monday, 19 January, 2015
Arlen Bankston
Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
Arlen Bankston
Wednesday, 11 March, 2015

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